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Westside Market COO Ian Joskowitz left and CEO George Zoitas created The Man Isle photo by Jenna Telesca
<p> Westside Market COO Ian Joskowitz (left) and CEO George Zoitas created The Man Isle. (photo by Jenna Telesca)</p>

Westside Market Expands Man Aisle

NEW YORK — After an initial launch in its 110th Street store, Westside Market here has rolled out male-focused end caps in all five locations.

Strategically positioned near refrigerated beer, the “Man Isles” cater to men with snacks, personal care products, cereal, charcoal and other essentials. 

The shelf-stable display cannot support perishable fare, but complementary steak sauce, hamburger buns and barbecue sauce help trigger meal ideas, explained George Zoitas, chief executive officer of the family-owned chain.

“We realize that men don’t shop with lists and they hate shopping so we figured we’d make it easy on them,” he said.

Rather than consult sales information, Zoitas and Ian Joskowitz, chief operating officer of Westside Market, selected man aisle brands and products with help from members of Eve to Adam — the all-male band that they manage.

The secondary positioning has paid off, helping to double — and even triple sales — of so-called “broceries” like Doritos, Gatorade and beer.

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