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WFM Announces Winner of 'Best Butcher' Competition

WFM Announces Winner of 'Best Butcher' Competition

AUSTIN, Texas — Hailing from Middletown, New Jersey, Whole Foods Market butcher Amand Ferrante was named the “Best Butcher” at the final competition held in New York on Sept. 8.

The competition, part of the meat-centered event Meatopia, pitted three Whole Foods butcher finalists against each other. Each was tasked to create a new beef cut, merchandise a whole lamb and make a “turducken” out of turkey, chicken and duck.

For his new cut, Ferrante created the Jersey Boneless Short Rib steak, which Whole Foods will offer in stores for $8.99, according to a release.

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“It’s such an honor to be recognized for the job I do every day — and have done nearly every day for the last 40 years,” Ferrante said in a statement.

“The Jersey Boneless Short Rib is a cut that’s versatile and easy to cook — one I am proud to bring to my customers. To me, that’s the most important part: helping each customer find the best meat for their meal, then getting their feedback. It’s keeping people happy, and that’s rewarding.”

As his prize, Ferrante will attend Iceland’s Food & Fun Festival in February.

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