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Most core consumers (66%) believe the frozen food section offers more of a variety of better-for-you options.

Activity in the frozen food aisle remains steady

And research indicates it will not slow down anytime soon

The frozen food section in grocery stores has been a busy one over the last few months, and a new report shows the momentum is holding.

The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) and FMI—The Food Industry Association released the third edition of the “Power of Frozen in Retail,” which shows sales have reached $74.2 billion over the last year and that shoppers continue to find value in frozen foods as total meal solutions which save time and meat taste expectations. The report surveyed 1,700 consumers.

“Frozen foods offer the complete package of solutions for today’s shoppers,” said AFFI president and CEO Alison Bodor. 

New to the report was a focus on merchandising and retail scenarios that may help generate more attraction to frozen foods. Cross merchandising ideas and secondary co-locations for frozen products are just two tips the report offers. Consumer demand insights, such as packaging trends, also are included in the report.

Frozen foods core consumers, who eat the products daily or every few days, stood at 38% and also indicated in the survey that they enjoy the quality and nutrition of frozen foods. 

Older Millennials and Gen X were found to be the most engaged groups, and a majority of the shopping is done at supercenters, club stores, and online. 

Additionally, most core consumers (66%) believe the frozen food section offers more of a variety of better-for-you options, and more than three-quarters occasionally or frequently seek out better-for-you ingredients when purchasing frozen foods.

“Both core consumers and the general shopper are looking for frozen foods that meet their specific lifestyle,” added Bodor. “With a range of products available in the frozen food aisle, the category is filled with options frozen at the peak of freshness and providing quality nutrition.”

Frozen food sales should remain steady moving forward, as 94% of respondents said they would buy the same or more frozen food products in the coming months.



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