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Kroger says it is taking care of bonuses that were incorrect to a group of bakers.

After error in bonus pay, Kroger workers attempt to pay back the grocery giant

A group of bakers noticed the mistake after being enrolled in incentive program

Some Kroger employees were recently overpaid in bonuses and are in the process of reimbursing the grocer, reports WCPO Cincinnati. 

How that transaction will work out has become an issue, and now workers are speaking out about the experience. It’s just another chapter in Kroger’s payroll problems in 2023. Earlier in the year, the retailer’s new payroll system, called MyTime, created a series of errors which led to late or missing paychecks, incorrect hours worked, and mistakes in wages paid and statements of deductions and withholdings. Four lawsuits were filed in five states.

The issue with the bonuses happened back in March and involves approximately 50 local bakery managers who received incorrect pay when they were placed in Kroger’s store incentive program for the first time. About 800 department chiefs in 110 stores in the Cincinnati area received the program bonus, but the mistake only showed up on the pay stubs of the group of bakers. Many were paid double what they were supposed to receive.

Workers have been trying to reimburse the grocer for the error in wages, but the process has been difficult. According to the United Food and Commercial Workers union, a solution is in the works and is one that avoids any tax liability. 

“Kroger’s values include honesty and integrity, which means when we make a mistake, we acknowledge it and act quickly to resolve the issue,” Kroger said in a statement. “Several months ago, a small percentage of local associates were paid more than their earned incentive. This was due to a clerical mistake. We immediately identified the error, notified and provided the affected associates with options to return the mistaken overpayments in a way that respects both their personal financial situation and integrity.”


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