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Aldi Tops Ranks of ‘Simple’ Companies

NEW YORK — Grocery discounter Aldi was named to the top spot of a list of global brands ranked by their simplicity by Siegel+Gale, which announced findings of its annual Global Simplicity Index on Wednesday.

The report, based on a study of 10,000 consumers in seven countries, scored Aldi as the most simple global brand, up nine spots from last year.


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“With more than 9,000 stores worldwide and a brand that ‘focuses on the essentials, no matter what city,’ Aldi has made the most of its good-value-for-the-money reputation with both recession-strapped customers and shoppers just looking to spend less,” Seigel+Gale said.

In U.S. rankings, grocery chains Publix (7th overall), Trader Joe’s (12th), Kroger (18th), Whole Foods (24th), Albertsons (30th) and Safeway (45th) were ranked. Grocery stores ranked as the 6th most simple industry overall.

According to the study, brands perceived as “simple” also tend to reap financial benefits, including higher customer loyalty; greater willingness from consumers to pay; and increased employee innovation. The study said consumers were willing to pay 3.6% to 4% more for a simpler experience in the grocery category.

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