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Amazon’s Prime members say they prefer Walmart over Whole Foods

In a recent survey, less than 14% of Prime members said that they had ordered from Amazon-owned Whole Foods at least once

A new survey suggests that a majority of Amazon’s Prime customers are looking to another retailer when it comes to grocery pick up or delivery: Walmart.

About 60% of Amazon Prime members surveyed in April by research and advisory firm Coresight Research said they had purchased groceries online from Walmart at least once in the past 12 months — this, according to reporting from Business Insider

Roughly 55% said that they had ordered groceries online from Amazon Fresh or through Amazon’s website, while less than 14% said that they had ordered from Amazon-owned Whole Foods at least once. 

About half of Prime members said they had shopped at Walmart for groceries in a similar survey conducted in 2022, while 57% said they had grocery-shopped at Amazon Fresh or on

Last year’s edition of Coresight’s survey also found that many Prime shoppers were only ordering a select few items from Amazon or Whole Foods vs. filling their basket. By contrast, the survey indicated, shoppers who ordered online from Walmart, Kroger, and Costco tended to buy more. 

Shoppers who make at least $100,000 a year have bolstered Walmart’s share of the U.S. grocery market over the last year-and-a-half, Insider previously reported. Many, including higher earners, have been attracted to the big box chain as inflation remains high.

In April, Walmart was America’s most popular grocer in terms of wallet share, followed by Kroger and Aldi, with Walmart grocery sales being almost double that of Kroger. 

That margin has widened since 2017 when Walmart grocery sales were 1.75 times higher than Kroger, demonstrating the company’s continued market penetration over the past five years.


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