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C&S Wholesale Grocers-truck.png C&S Wholesale Grocers
C&S said the DUMAC platform will enable better integration of digital marketing capabilities, including e-commerce and personalized loyalty marketing.

C&S Wholesale Grocers enters POS partnership

DUMAC platform to be rolled out to 1,000 independent grocery retailers

C&S Wholesale Grocers aims to bring a uniform point-of-sale platform to its independent supermarket customers through an exclusive partnership with DUMAC Business Systems.

Under the agreement, C&S plans to distribute DUMAC’s RORCv6 POS solution to 1,000 of its independent grocery retailers nationwide. C&S has been a longtime partner of DUMAC and installed its platform at hundreds of its grocery retailers across the country. But under the expanded partnership, C&S said it will be better able to integrate digital marketing capabilities, including e-commerce and personalized loyalty marketing, as well as improve the customer experience for both independent grocers and their shoppers.

“Technology and competition have pushed the grocery industry into an incredible period of change. At C&S, we’re committed to bringing innovative technology solutions that will help our independent grocery customers stay connected to their shoppers. With this new technology, we enable our independent retailers to maintain their competitiveness against larger retailers and online channels,” Corey Quiring, vice president of retail services at C&S, said in a statement.

“We evaluated and considered the many options for POS solutions to support C&S retailers throughout the United States. DUMAC is a leading commerce technology solutions provider with a world-class team. They provide exceptional solutions, service and support,” Quiring explained. “Together, we have the opportunity to change how people shop at their favorite independent supermarkets.”

DUMAC’s RORCv6 POS system provides promotion, reporting, cash and item management functions as well as regulatory and compliance tools. The platform also integrates with e-commerce solutions and includes in-aisle mobile scanning with full integration into traditional or self-checkouts.

Soon to be released is RORC Version 7, which Syracuse, N.Y.-based DUMAC said will be a fully cloud-based solution and feature in-store lane redundancy plus an upgraded, intuitive interface.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with C&S,” stated Howard McCarthy, president and CEO of DUMAC. “Along with C&S, we are completely changing the way independent supermarket owners connect with their customers, whether they operate a single lane store or 30 lanes. The RORC platform provides shoppers with the enhanced, efficient shopping experience they expect. This is an important strategic partnership as we continue to provide innovative technology solutions to independent grocers and meet the demands of their customers in order to support their growth.”

In recent months, C&S has been bolstering its technology solutions for independent retailers. In September, C&S announced a partnership with Chicago-based FourKites. Using the FourKites predictive supply-chain platform, C&S sends retailers logic-based messages — called C&S Delivery Alerts — to track store deliveries in real time, including when a truck has left the warehouse, when it is about an hour away and when it has arrived. This provides customers will extra visibility into their delivery status, the distributor said.

And this past summer, C&S named New York-based AppCard as its new customer loyalty and digital coupons partner. C&S said AppCard’s actionable data, advanced marketing tools and promotional/campaign engine will allow the wholesaler to help retailers create a seamless omnichannel experience by weaving loyalty programs and digital coupons into in-store kiosk, website, mobile and e-commerce platforms.

Overall, Keene, N.H.-based C&S supplies more than 7,900 independent supermarkets, chain stores, military bases and institutions with 138,000-plus products.

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