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Dollar General store.jpg Getty Images
Dollar General had plans to open more stores in Wallowa County.

Dollar stores banned in Oregon town

Measure comes after community concerns

An Oregon town has banned formula businesses from operating within city limits, reports Oregon Public Broadcasting.

The city of Joseph City Council passed the measure following community concern over the growth of dollar stores in Wallowa County and Eastern Oregon.

Dollar General had plans to open more stores in Wallowa County.

A formula business is a storefront that requires prescribed standards and features, particularly for exterior color schemes, signs, or architectural design. There are exceptions for gas stations, financial institutions, and other business types. The ban targets chain stores and restaurants.

Joseph Mayor Lisa Collier said the city wants smaller, locally owned stores.

Dollar stores continue to face obstacles across the country. The City of Chicago passed the small-box retailer ordinance earlier this year to prevent over-saturation of dollar stores while also calling on owners to take better care of their property.

Dollar General has not responded to a request for comment in time for publication. 


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