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Dollar Tree store_0.jpg Dollar Tree
The FDA wants suppliers to recall the products voluntarily.

FDA issues alert on ground cinnamon products

They can be found at discount retailers

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning discount retailers like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar that ground cinnamon products are contaminated with high levels of lead and should be taken off the shelves.

Save A Lot stores also sell the tainted cinnamon, and the FDA wants suppliers to make a voluntary recall.

The products included in the safety alert include La Fiesta brand sold by La Superior and SuperMercados; Marcum brand sold by Save A Lot; MK brands sold by SF Supermarket; Swad brand which can be found at Patel Brothers; El Chilar brand sold by La Joya Morelense; and Supreme Tradition brand found at Dollar Tree and Family Dollar.  

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar have pulled the cinnamon products from shelves.

“Removing the ground cinnamon products in this alert from the market will prevent them from contributing elevated amounts of lead to the diets of children,” the alert said.

The safety alert stems from the October 2023 recall of cinnamon applesauce pouches that led to almost 500 child illnesses in the U.S. At the time of the recall the FDA executed a targeted survey of cinnamon products sold at discount stores.

A North Carolina family is suing WanaBana, which manufactures the applesauce pouches, and Dollar Tree.

No illnesses linked to the latest safety alert have been reported.


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