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Trader_Joes_storefront-Franklin_TN_2 1_2.png Trader Joe's
The union, Trader Joe’s United, was using its logo on tote bags, buttons, mugs, and other products.

Federal court okays union to use Trader Joe’s-inspired logo

And judge strikes down lawsuit from Trader Joe’s

A federal court in Los Angeles said that a logo used by a Trader Joe’s union does not resemble that of the logo used by the retailer, and thus, consumers should not be confused about the two, reports Reuters.

U.S. District Judge Hernan Vera dismissed the lawsuit filed by Trader Joe’s against the union. The union, Trader Joe’s United, was using its logo on tote bags, buttons, mugs, and other products.

Additionally, Vera said the lawsuit could almost be interpreted as “frivolous and improper.” He said the union’s designs were not similar to Trader Joe’s trademarks, and that the only way consumers could buy any products with the Trader Joe’s United logo was on the union’s website.

Trader Joe’s filed the lawsuit last year, saying at the time that it believed the merchandise would confuse consumers into thinking the grocer endorsed the union or had a hand at creating the logo.

Trader Joe’s United asked for the suit to be dismissed in August, saying at that time that it believed Trader Joe’s lawsuit to be an attempt to discourage employees from unionizing.

Attorney Seth Goldstein, representing the union, accused Trader Joe’s at that time of “spending millions of dollars to try to weaponize the legal process” and break up the union.

While Trader Joe’s United was celebrating the federal court’s decision, Trader Joe’s said it would continue to take action to protect its brand.

“Trader Joe’s consistently takes legal action to protect our brand when we become aware that someone other than Trader Joe’s is selling merchandise using our trademarks and trade dress,” Trader Joe’s said in an emailed statement to Supermarket News

Trader Joe’s United did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication of this story.



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