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Dom's Kitchen & Market.png Dom's Kitchen & Market
Outfox Hospitality will have 34 locations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Austin.

Foxtrot Market, Dom’s Kitchen & Market to merge

The new company will be called Outfox Hospitality, and leverages the two grocers’ strengths in foodservice at retail

Chicago-based convenience store retailer Foxtrot Market and Chicago grocer Dom’s Kitchen & Market have tentatively agreed to merge operations. 

The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2023 and the new company will be called Outfox Hospitality.

The merger between the two brings together two urban Chicago grocers with a heavy emphasis on foodservice. Foxtrot combines a c-store with a café, and also ships foods, goods and curated gifts nationwide via Foxtrot Anywhere. Dom’s Kitchen & Market is a Chicago institution — its two locations have markets with heavy prepared foods sections, as well as dine-in options like sushi, fresh-made sandwiches, and burgers and fries. 

Liz Williams will become the CEO of the new company and will lead all day-to-day operations, and Don Fitzgerald will be Dom’s Kitchen & Market president and COO through the transition period. Foxtrot Co-Founder Mike LaVitola and Jay Owen and Bob Mariano, both co-owners of Dom’s, will be advisors and will serve on the board at Outfox Hospitality.

“Dom’s has long admired the Foxtrot brand, viewing it as an industry trailblazer and a market disruptor,” said Owen. “Our shared vision centers on bringing the convenience of a market together with the experience of a restaurant into hospitable spaces that are destinations in the communities we serve.”

“We’re excited for this new venture with Dom’s Kitchen & Market because we share a common mission of modernizing the way people shop,” said Williams. “Merging our two brands will elevate the experience for our customers and move the retail industry forward.”

Outfox Hospitality will have 34 locations in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and Austin.

“In addition to our markets, our cafe and coffee businesses are at the heart of our stores, and we look forward to continued growth through our partnership. Together, we will bring together community, convenience and curated culinary to create a unique experience for consumers,” added Williams.




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