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Dash-In-Midlothian-2nd-Shoot-05-04132018.png Donnell Wallace @ DW Celebrity Photography, LLC
The Chesterfield County Dash In is part c-store, part grocery and part restaurant.

Fueling up on good food and beer

The Dash In concept convenience store serves the time-constrained craft-beer lover

Dash In, a convenience store chain with over 50 locations in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, has always prided itself on pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a convenience store. In-store foodservice and highly designed spaces are a big part of its ethos. In April, Dash In, which is owned by The Wills Group, Inc., opened a new store in Chesterfield County, Va., that pushed things even further with a big store that blurs the lines between grocery stores, restaurants and convenience

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