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walmart sign.png Bill Wilson
The code has been revised, which led Loblaw to agree to the terms.

Loblaw agrees to Canada’s code, so now all eyes are on Walmart, Costco

Industry Minister Champagne believes it’s only a matter of time

With Loblaw now on board, Canadian officials are turning their efforts to Walmart and Costco for the grocery code of conduct. 

Loblaw took a hard stance against the code for months before signing on last week. The code of conduct is supposed to set guidelines for fair dealings between suppliers and grocers, as well as help with pricing. 

Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said it is only a matter of time before Walmart and Costco agree to the code of conduct. 

The code has been revised, which led Loblaw to agree to the terms. Champagne told The Canadian Press he does not think it would be tenable for Costco or Walmart to disregard the will of the government of Canada and Canadian consumers.

The Canadian government has threatened to make the code of conduct mandatory if grocers did not agree to terms. 

Champagne has promised to keep the pressure on grocers until all of them are on board, but he believes legislative action is off the table at this point. 

Neither Walmart nor Costco had not responded to a request for comment in time for publication.


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