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Loblaws storefront_1_0_0_1_0_1_0_0_1_0_1_0.png Loblaw Cos.
Smaller grocery stores and co-ops have seen an uptick in sales since the Loblaws boycott began.

As Loblaw tries to work through boycott, smaller grocers are smelling success

Retailer’s CEO met with one of the boycott organizers; some progress is made

Emily Johnson helped organize the Reddit page calling for a shopper boycott at Loblaws stores during the month of May, and she was able to meet with the retailer’s CEO recently, reports the Canadian Press.

For the most part, the conversation went well, but the boycott continues.

Per Bank, the grocer’s CEO, thought it was important to hear Johnson’s concerns in person.

Bank also talked about actions Loblaws is taking to help the inflation-struck shoppers, including removing “multi-buy” promotions from No Frills stores. The deal happens when customers get a better price per unit if they buy more than one item.

Meanwhile, according to Global News smaller grocery stores and co-ops have seen an uptick in sales since the Loblaws boycott began.

Some are experiencing longer lines — even out the door and into the parking lot.

Store co-owner Tamara Selig told Global News that as the boycott date moved closer, she was hearing the anger from shoppers. Selig said the whole mentality of being able to afford groceries is a very sad one.

Smaller stores like Selig’s run a low profit margin while selling a large volume, which means items like organic strawberries can go for less than a $1 a pound, according to Global News. Larger retailers, in contrast, sell a pound of the fruit for almost $6 a pound or more.

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