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Meijer EVgo electric vehicle charging station-Fairfield OH.jpg EVgo
EVgo stations at Meijer stores, including the Fairfield, Ohio, supercenter above, can power up all fast-charge-capable vehicles now on the road, EVgo said.

Meijer rolls out first EVgo electric vehicle charging stations

Public fast-charge units launch at stores in Michigan, Ohio

Meijer has begun opening its first electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at stores under a partnership with public fast-charging network EVgo Inc.

Los Angeles-based EVgo said yesterday the initial locations are at Meijer supercenters in Michigan and Ohio. The companies announced their partnership last March, initially planning to start rolling out the charging stations over the summer.

Capable of 100 kW to 350 kW fast charging, the EVgo stations at the Meijer stores can  power up all fast-charge-capable vehicles now on the road, including Teslas, pickup trucks and new vehicles coming onto the market, according to EVgo. 

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Meijer has been offering EV charging facilities on its corporate campus and at selected stores since 2010 as part of broader environmental initiatives, including a nationwide shift toward a lower carbon emission fleet of consumer cars and trucks.

EVgoEVgo electric vehicle charging station-parking lot.jpg

EVgo's public network of 800-plus EV charging stations is powered by 100% renewable electricity.

“Our partnership with EVgo provides another way for us to serve our community and further our commitment to sustainability,” Erik Petrovskis, director of environmental compliance and sustainability at Meijer, said in a statement. “The EV charging stations provide a convenience to our customers and community, and we are excited to be a part of the transition to electric vehicles.” 

EVgo said the Meijer stations will add to the 800-plus locations in its fast-charge network and boost its base of more than 310,000 customer accounts. The company noted that has the only public network powered by 100% renewable electricity.

“EVgo has long been committed to working with first-class partners to provide our customers with a first-class charging experience,” stated Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “Between our shared dedication to protecting the planet and putting customers first, EVgo and Meijer are a natural fit. We look forward to building on our recent efforts around the Midwest to keep adding more EVgo stations to Meijer supercenter locations.”

Overall, Meijer operates 258 supercenters and grocery stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin. 

The Meijer-EVgo rollout follows the recent formation of the Regional Electric Vehicle Midwest Coalition (REV Midwest) by the governors of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, EVgo added. The initiative, which has fueled recent traction around EV adoption in the Midwest, is designed to create jobs, lower carbon emissions and promote public health and safety, the company said.

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