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More UNFI truckers are now part of a union

A group in Pompano Beach, Fla., is the latest

Another group of UNFI workers in Florida are now part of a union, marking the second time in recent weeks that UNFI employees have opted to join a union.

By a vote of 74-0, truck drivers in Pompano Beach joined Teamsters Local 769. The 74 drivers say they have concerns over wages, benefits, and working conditions.

“We just won 74-0, and I feel like we’re unstoppable. Justice has been served. I can’t wait to negotiate our Teamsters contract,” said Laronn Houston, a UNFI driver in Pompano Beach.

Three groups of UNFI truckers have joined unions since the beginning of the year. In February, about 100 drivers in Georgia joined Teamsters Local 728 in Atlanta. Earlier this month, over 80 Sarasota, Fla. workers became part of Teamsters Local 79 in Tampa. 

“We are proud of UNFI workers who have stood up and chosen unanimously to join Local 769. We look forward to negotiating improvements in the workplace for our newest members,” said Josh Zivalich, president of Local 769 and Teamsters Joint Council 75. 


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