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Natural_Grocers_17358_Loveland_Store_Opening_51.jpg Natural Grocers
A request for a union election was filed on April 8 and workers were scheduled to vote on May 9.

Natural Grocers allegedly uses aggressive tactics to break union activity

They include holding meetings in a storage closet

Natural Grocers workers in Norman, Okla., did not actually walk the picket line in favor of joining a union, but the message was sent loud and clear.

Others were there for the protest as employees, according to the Oklahoma City Free Press, were fearful of retaliation if they were the ones making the noise.

The desire to join a union is real, as current workers want a better work environment, adequate healthcare, protection of pregnant workers’ rights, protection from employment at will and anti-union retaliation, accessible bereavement leave, and protection of annual raises.

A request for a union election was filed on April 8 and workers were scheduled to vote on May 9.

The Free Press reported on some bizarre union-busting tactics performed by Natural Grocers management at the store.

Workers claim that two-hour “captive audience meetings” were held in storage closets rather than in an education room, and management used the time to talk about the negative impacts of unions.

Human resources allegedly notified one former employee she was banned from all Natural Grocers locations after she was fired and attempted to hand a unionizer’s number to another employee.

Another former associate accused the store of aggressive anti-union actions that included interrogating workers and discipline over small infractions.

Workers are considering filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board over unfair labor practices.

Natural Grocers has not responded to a request for comment in time for publication.

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