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Podcast: Are we looking over the ‘price cliff’?

Grocery prices remain high, but at what point will they finally drop?


Grocery food prices may have reached a tipping point. For the second straight month, the Consumer Price Index for food-to-home was relatively flat. However, shoppers are still paying 23% more on average per unit for food and beverage across the store.

Trips to the grocery store are on the rise, but the amount purchased with each trip has become smaller as shoppers continue to grapple with inflation.

In this episode of SN Off the Shelf, Supermarket News Senior Editor Bill Wilson talks with Jonna Parker, principal of the Fresh Foods Team Lead at Circana, about the inflation story over the last year.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The latest data and trends about grocery prices and the impact at the grocery store
  • The current trade efficiency from store promotions
  • How current shopper behavior is affecting purchasing
  • The influence of the “price cliff”
  • Strategies grocers can implement for the rest of the year

Take a listen.

Have a pitch for the podcast? Reach out at [email protected]. And thanks for listening.

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