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Raleys-at-Fair-Oaks-and-Howe_0_0_1.jpg Raley's
More than 85% of the 300 workers voted in favor of the agreement.

Raley’s warehouse workers approve new union deal

Pension, wages, and healthcare benefits are all addressed

Raley’s Grocery warehouse workers in Sacramento, Calif., have a new collective bargaining agreement with Teamsters Local 150. 

More than 85% of the 300 workers voted in favor of the agreement that includes a pension plan, wage increases, and increased union-sponsored healthcare benefits. 

“This contract is a testament to the solidarity of these hardworking people who have worked tirelessly to secure this deal,” said Conor Tobin, Local 150 Business Agent. “It marks a new chapter in Raley’s workers’ ongoing efforts to enhance their working conditions.”

Raley’s operates 118 stores in the U.S. as of May 7, according to ScrapeHero.

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