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Roche_Bros_store_banner.jpg Roche Bros. Supermarkets
Roche Bros. said the Price Lock program reflects the New England grocer's 70 years of service in catering to the needs of its communities.

Roche Bros. locks in prices for 70th anniversary

New England chain’s three-month program includes more than 500 items

Roche Bros. Supermarkets is marking its 70th anniversary by locking down prices on hundreds of items.

The Mansfield, Mass.-based company, which began as a butcher and produce shop in Roslindale, Mass., has grown to 16 Roche Bros. and four Brother Marketplace locations in 19 communities across New England. To acknowledge its history and commitment to community, the family-operated grocer’s Price Lock Promise will put a freeze on more than 500 popular items — from staples like bread, milk and laundry detergent to snacks like chips and ice cream — until Nov. 17.

“Roche Bros. has evolved through the years by listening to our customers and doing our best to meet the needs of the communities we share. We continue to do that 70 years later,” second-generation owner Rick Roche said in a statement. “We realize that as a family-owned business, we have an opportunity to respond to the current challenges families are facing with the rising costs hitting our industry especially hard.”

Roche Bros. SupermarketsRoche Bros price lock program-website screen.png

Price freezes in the three-month Price Lock program run until mid-November, and customers can go online to see price-locked items.

Price Lock product categories, with selected items and their costs, include the following:

Grocery Department

• Barilla Spaghetti Pasta - 16 oz., $1.99

• Bounty Paper Towels, Select-A-Size Prints, 4 Double Rolls (8 Regular Rolls), $10.49

• Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Original - 8 oz., 2 for $6

• Fancy Feast Cat Food, Grilled Chicken Feast In Gravy - 3 oz., $0.89

• Gatorade Frost Glacier Freeze Thirst Quencher - 8 Pack, 20 fl. oz. bottles, $8.99

• Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Bread, Sourdough - 24 oz., $4.99

• Poland Spring Bottled Water - 24 pack, 16.9 oz. bottles, $5.29

• Rao's Homemade Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce - 24 oz., $5.99

• Thomas' English Muffins, Original - 6 Count, 2 for $5.00

• Tide HE Liquid Laundry Detergent, Free & Gentle - 64 loads, 92 fl. oz., $12.99

Dairy Department

• Cabot Vermont Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Bar - 8 oz., $4.19

• Chobani 0% Milkfat Greek Yogurt, Blueberry on the Bottom - 5.3 oz., $1.79

• Horizon Organic Fat Free Milk - 64 fl. oz., $5.39

• Lactaid 100% Milk, 2% Reduced Fat - 64 fl. oz., $4.99

• Land O' Lakes Unsalted Butter - 4 sticks, 16 oz., $5.69

• Pete & Gerry Cage Free Organic Large Brown Eggs - dozen, $6.49

• Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese Spread - 8 oz., $4.49

• Roche Bros. Milk, Whole - 128 fl. oz., $4.29

• Stonyfield Farm Organic Probiotic Yogurt, Plain, Whole Milk - 32 oz., $5.29

• Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, Calcium + Vitamin D, No Pulp - 52 fl. oz., $4.69

Frozen Foods Department

• Alexia House Cut Fries with Sea Salt - 28 oz., $5.49

• Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream - 16 fl. oz., $5.99

• Brigham's Ice Cream, Cookies N Cream - 32 fl. oz., $4.99

• Haagen Dazs Ice Cream, Vanilla Bean - 14 fl. oz., 2 for $7

Roche Bros.’ price locks should bring some relief to area grocery shoppers. In the July Consumer Price Index (CPI), the food-at-home index surged by 13.1% year over year, surpassing the 12.2% increase in June and representing the largest 12-month gain since the period through March 1979, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That food-at-home CPI has climbed steadily on an annual basis since the start of the year, rising 11.9% for May, 10.8% for April, 10% for March, 8.6% for February and 7.4% for January.

The month-to-month climb in the food-at-home index has remained steep in 2022, up 1.1% in July after gains of 1% in June, 1.4% in May, 0.9% in April, 1.5% in March, 1.4% in February and 1% in January. The latter gain came after just a 0.4% uptick in December.

“Through our Price Lock Promise we hope to help families maintain some control over rising costs while still accessing the highest quality products,” Roche added.

As part of the 70th anniversary celebration, Roche Bros. said it also will be bringing back its New England Cheese and Food events at many locations in October.

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