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The SN News Quiz!
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The SN News Quiz: Where will they spend this Memorial Day weekend?

Shoppers plan to celebrate and grocers hope to capitalize

Here are the results of this week’s SN News Quiz!

1. Which retailer is part of a dog food recall?

  • Kroger
  • Walmart (yes!)
  • Meijer

2. Korean grocery store Jagalchi will soon open in what city?

  • San Francisco (you got it!)
  • Chicago
  • New York

3. Thousands of prices are being cut under which banner?

  • Walmart
  • Target (woohoo!)
  • CVS 

Bonus question: About 57% of shoppers plan to celebrate Memorial Day while 44% plan to buy alcohol.

Where do you see most of your Memorial Day sales going?

  1. Most of my Memorial Day sales were expected to go toward alcohol (25%)
  2. Most of my Memorial Day sales were expected to go toward grill-related food (71.2%)
  3. Other (3.8%

Looks like the majority of you expected most of your Memorial Day sales to go toward grill-related foods.


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