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Video: A look inside the newest Roche Bros. store in Boston

The European-style supermarket is designed to cater to the local consumer


Roche Bros.’ newest store may have opened a year ago, but it feels like it’s finally getting its footing, according to operations manager Artie Kroese. The 20-unit Boston area grocery chain isn’t planning on growing anytime soon, however — it’s comfortable where it’s at.

“Supermarkets are hard,” Kroese told Supermarket News about potential plans for expansion outside of the current location for the Mansfield, Mass.-based brand.

Something that separates Roche Bros. apart from its competitors — namely, Amazon and fellow regional grocer The Market Basket — is that is doesn’t have a warehouse. While that may be seen as a hindrance, Roche Bros. has used the same produce company for years as a supplier and is their only customer. So, the warehouse at the supplier functions as Roche Bros warehouse for fresh produce.

One thing that stands out in the meat department at Roche Bros.’ latest store is the smoker, which has performed well for sales.

And in the prepared foods section, look out for the bolognaise. Kroese said it’s one of the chain’s signature items and is on the way to becoming something the store is known for. He even told Supermarket News it’s better than his mother-in-law’s bolognaise!

Check out the store in this exclusive tour from Supermarket News.

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