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Walmart will use warehouse automation tech in its third milk processing facility

Cranes and robots will be part of the automated storage and retrieval solution

Walmart will be using warehouse automation and software at its Robinson, Texas milk processing facility scheduled to open in 2026. 

Warehouse automation and software developer Swisslog will provide the technology, which is an automated storage and retrieval solution (ASRS). 

The ASRS brings together five pallet stacker cranes with palletizing and de-palletizing robots, a pallet conveyor system, and a conveyor system for small loads. 

The automated solution operates on synchronized intelligence from software which provides warehouse management, material flow, and automation control system functionality in a single, modular platform. 

The Robinson plant facility will be the third Walmart milk processing facility to use the technology. The retailer’s facility in Fort Wayne, Ind., which powered up in 2018, served as a blueprint for a second facility in Valdosta, Ga., which is set to open in 2025. 

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