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Weis_Markets-store_exterior.png Weis Markets
Weis Markets now has Toshiba’s latest self-checkout solutions in “the vast majority” of its 198 Mid-Atlantic stores.

Weis Markets steps up self-checkout

More lanes coming to stores under partnership with Toshiba

Weis Markets partnered with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions and systems integrator Pomeroy to bring self-checkout to its shoppers.

Sunbury, Pa.-based Weis Markets now has Toshiba’s latest self-checkout solutions in “the vast majority” of its 198 Mid-Atlantic stores, Toshiba said Tuesday. Plans call for Toshiba and Pomeroy to deploy additional Self-Checkout System 6 lanes across the regional grocery chain’s physical footprint in 2020. The retailer has stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia.

“The inclusion of Toshiba self-checkout systems across our stores improves our overall customer experience,” Weis Markets Chief Information Officer Greg Zeh said in a statement. “Beyond affording our clientele a more personal checkout, Toshiba’s technology and operational expertise have helped improve throughput and overall store performance.”

Including both cash and cashless systems, Toshiba noted that its solution gives Weis shoppers a choice of checkout options, allowing the grocer to create a frictionless payment experience for customers. The system also optimizes each lane’s utilization as it speeds the checkout process, the Research Triangle Park, N.C.-based technology provider added. 

“We are excited to be able to create a more personal shopping experience for Weis Markets’ customers by lessening checkout times while also improving the grocer’s front-end operational efficiency,” explained Bill Campbell, senior vice president and head of global sales for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “Toshiba closely collaborates with all of our retail partners to design and implement tailored solutions to enhance the user experience and our customers’ unique operations.”

Hebron, Ky.-based Pomeroy is the primary systems integrator responsible for project management, providing software integration and testing. The IT services firm works with Toshiba and Weis on the deployment of Toshiba’s POS and self-checkout solutions across all of the grocer’s stores. Weis also uses Toshiba’s TCx POS technology in all of its East Coast locations.

“The extraordinary collaboration and synergies with Weis Markets and Toshiba fueled the project’s success,” commented Aaron Hagler, vice president of grocery and retail solutions at Pomeroy. “We were truly a seamless team empowered by Weis Markets’ executive, IT and retail operations leadership.”

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