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SN Price Check: Target a standout in Atlanta

SN Price Check: Target a standout in Atlanta

In a recent mystery shop conducted over a three-week period at single Target, Walmart, Publix and Kroger stores in Atlanta, Target had the least expensive 20-SKU basket during the first two weeks ($60.52 vs Walmart's $60.72, and $60.49 vs. Walmart's $60.87, respectively) and either tied with Publix Super Markets or was the solo winner in the categories of “store appearance” and “ease of shopping,” during each of the three collection periods.

A free pdf of the 20-SKU basket price comparison

Walmart, which had the least expensive basket in week three ($60.85 vs. Target's basket at $61.75), had the most lowest-priced items across the board. The price survey was conducted during the weeks of Jan. 13, Jan. 27 and Feb. 10.

Source: Brand View and RetailData

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