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Chicken of the Sea introduces digital traceability

Chicken of the Sea introduces digital traceability

Consumers wondering about the origins of their canned tuna can now find a host of information using a new Chicken of the Sea traceability website.

By entering the 10- to 15-digit number found on the bottom of a can of Chunk Light, Chunk Lite Albacore or Solid White Albacore, consumers can read a description of the species; where the seafood was caught, including a map and a species-specific stock status report from the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation; the fishing method use; the fishing vessel; where the seafood was processed; where the seafood was canned; and general information on Chicken of the Sea’s sustainability initiatives.

Chicken of the Sea has committed to 100% digital traceability as part of its SeaChange sustainability strategy. The company said it would soon expand traceability to its entire shelf-stable product line.

“It is important for our customers to have an opportunity to know the story behind their fish — where it came from, how it was caught, where it was canned and how the process fits within our sustainability program,” Jennifer Woofter, Chicken of the Sea’s director of sustainability, said in a press release. “Traceability is an essential step in the responsible sourcing and sustainability process and we are excited to make this development available to our customers.”

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