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Kroger video series highlights seafood sustainability (with video)

Kroger video series highlights seafood sustainability (with video)

In a series of videos released in the past two weeks, Kroger Co. has detailed its sustainability initiatives for fresh, frozen and canned seafood.

Three videos outline Kroger’s efforts for fresh wild caught and farmed fish, as well as frozen and canned seafood. A fourth video summarizes the retailer’s strategy (see below).

Through the videos, Kroger explains that it partners with the World Wildlife Fund on wild caught fish to help reach the retailer’s goal to source 100% of its “top species” from fisheries that are Marine Stewardship Council certified, in full assessment or in a fishery improvement project.

Kroger currently won’t sell certain species, such as blue fin tuna, rays and skate, because they cannot be sourced sustainably. It has also committed not to sell genetically-engineered salmon.


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The retailer’s aquaculture suppliers must meet high standards of environmental and social responsibility in areas such as animal welfare, food safety and traceability, one of the videos states.

Additionally, Kroger notes that all of its private label canned tuna is certified by the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.

"We know that our customers value our commitment to sourcing sustainable seafood," Suzanne Lindsay-Walker, Kroger's director of sustainability, said in a media release. "We continue to work with fisheries and our supplier partners to ensure that Kroger's seafood is fresh, delicious and available for future generations."

Kroger has promoted its videos on social media in the lead up to Earth Day, April 22.


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