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Publix: Motion-Sensor Lights Save Energy

LAKELAND, Fla. — LED technology has saved nearly 100,000 kilowatt-hours annually per Publix Super Markets store.


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Refrigerated doors stay lit for only one minute after motion is detected, Publix wrote in a Facebook post. The LED technology, currently in use in more than 650 stores, can reduce energy usage by 50% to 80% over traditional incandescent lamps.

Additionally, more than 41,000 fixtures companywide use LED technology to illuminate walk-in coolers and freezers. In other lighting sustainability news, Publix has redesigned its track lighting to use new high-efficiency lamps and gain up to a 70% energy savings over older generation track fixtures, according to the company.

In warehouse operations, it has adjusted the timing on bi-level lighting fixtures so the lights stay on only one minute after being triggered by the motion sensor.

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