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Target Replaces R-22 in 11 SuperTargets

PHOENIX – Target Corp. retrofitted the refrigerants in 11 of its SuperTarget stores in 2012, replacing R-22 with R407A as part of a new retrofitting program that will be rolled out across the U.S., said Neil Monson, Target’s engineering manager.

Monson described the program yesterday at the Food Marketing Institute’s Energy & Store Development Conference here in a session he shared with Chad Crow, technical lead specialist for Minneapolis-based Target.

Target operates 251 SuperTarget stores, of which 200 use R-22 refrigerant for low-temperature or medium-temperature applications, or both, said Monson. In the 11 converted stores, 9 low-temperature systems were retrofit as well as 11 medium-temperature systems. R-22 refrigerant, which damages the ozone layer when it leaks into the atmosphere, is being phased out in the U.S. and other countries.

The conversion to R407A was part of a remodeling program at the 11 stores.

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Target developed best practices for refrigerant conversions this year after its efforts to replace R-22 last year had “mixed results,” said Crow. “Some contractors got it and some didn’t.” The new program includes uniform practices for product handling during the retrofit process.

Target’s P-fresh stores, which also use refrigeration, have always employed R404A refrigerant instead of R22.

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