Future Online Sales to Open Space for Design Innovation

Future Online Sales to Open Space for Design Innovation

Experts think it’s inevitable that sales of many non-perishable grocery categories will eventually take place online. Retailers need to meet that demand, but also the creative challenge of what to do with the space that it will open up in stores. Thom Blischok of Booz & Co. shared his ideas about “Tomorrow’s Trends Delivered Today: Store Design Trends — The Path to 2025” at a recent Food Marketing Institute conference, and then in an interview for this section. The full article is brought to you by Hillphoenix.

The coming shift of traditional center store products to online sales will result in a dramatic rethinking of supermarket store design as those items are no longer stocked, and more space opens up, said Thom Blischok, chief retail strategist, Booz & Co., San Francisco.

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