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Gallery: Inside Tesco's friendlier hypermarket

Tesco PLC recently unveiled a newly designed hypermarket dedicated to challenging the retailer’s reputation for large but “cold” stores. The 80,000-square-foot Tesco Extra, which opened in June in Llansamlet, a suburb of Swansea, Wales, intends to move Tesco from “from big, bold and cold, to big bold and homely,” using the British word meaning simple and comfortable, designers said.

The store was designed in a collaboration between Tesco’s in-house designers and Blink, a Swedish design agency. “Indeed, Tesco is a big corporation, and the stores are very large, but that will not change anytime soon, so Tesco has to turn that fact into an explainable and ownable advantage to make customers like Tesco for what it is,” Blink said.

Tesco Extra from BLINK Design Agency on Vimeo.


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