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New website, store displays highlight Hy-Vee sustainability

Hy-Vee’s efforts behind health and wellness and sustainability are highlighted at a new website,, and at interactive touchscreen dashboards at new stores.

The site provides detailed information about company-wide sustainability efforts, as well as information about Hy-Vee’s efforts to help customers adopt more healthy lifestyles. The website also features a frequently asked questions section and a blog highlighting the latest news on both fronts.


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“Hy-Vee360 was developed to more fully inform and engage those interested in our sustainability and healthy living efforts. We understand that in order to maximize the value of these efforts, we must engage our customers, employees and suppliers,” Michael Smith, assistant VP of real estate and sustainability for West Des Moines, Iowa-based Hy-Vee, said in a statement. “Hy-Vee360 was developed with this in mind.”

Interactive dashboards are currently installed at eight Hy-Vee stores, with three more coming soon. These sites provide a 3D layout of a store showing where sustainable features can be found. Interactive demonstrations illustrate how daylighting, cool roofs and car charging stations function. A checklist details how each store was designed to meet LEED certification guidelines. Real-time data illustrates how much electricity is being used throughout the store and also provides energy savings comparisons.

“It’s been a rewarding process to work with Hy-Vee on this long-term education program. As consumers, we are able to directly see the impact of these sustainable initiatives,” Dan McCarty, president and owner of QA Graphics, the Ankeny, Iowa, firm which developed the sites for Hy-Vee. “QA Graphics has been working nationwide for more than six years now, providing creative ways to educate consumers about sustainable building initiatives, and now we’ve been seeing an increase in local organizations wanting to share their sustainable programs.”

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