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Sobeys debuts South Asian-focused discount store

Sobeys debuts South Asian-focused discount store

Sobeys Thursday opened a South Asian-focused version of its FreshCo discount banner called Chalo! FreshCo, the company announced.

Located in Brampton, Ontario, the 50,000-square-foot store features ready-to-eat South Asian meals; an outpost of Amaya, a local Indian restaurant; full-service seafood and halal and non-halal meat; bulk bins with spices, lentils and nuts; and a wide selection of discounted products typically found at FreshCo.

“Chalo” means “let’s go” in South Asian languages.

“Chalo! FreshCo is a significant and unique addition to our Company’s food retailing lineup,” Rob Adams, general manager, discount format, Sobeys, said in a press release. “This store caters to the South Asian market while also driving our mission to inspire Canadians to discover new foods, products and recipes, and to help them Eat Better, Feel Better and Do Better.”

“Our research indicates that many South Asians visit multiple grocery stores each week to fulfill their food shopping needs, from traditional grocers to small, specialty stores for specific products,” he added. “Now, they can find the popular and unique products that they regularly look for and enjoy in one convenient location.”

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