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Acme Smoked Fish Corporation Seeks to Expand Portfolio in Adjacent Food Segments

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Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, the country’s leading smoked fish purveyor with refrigerated, ready-to-eat and value-added seafood products sold nationwide, is actively looking to expand its portfolio into adjacent domestic segments of the food category. With a robust foundation in the smoked seafood market spanning four generations, Acme is poised to leverage its expertise in customer delight to explore new investment opportunities in like-minded offerings.

As part of its strategic growth initiative, Acme is focusing on the following key investment segments:

Value-Add Frozen Seafood Specialties

Acme aims to transfer its renowned cold chain logistics capabilities and strong brand presence in the fresh seafood aisle to the frozen segment. The focus will be on creating convenient, better-for-you frozen seafood products to appeal to a broad market with a variety of delicious flavors. This move will steer clear of the commodity frozen seafood segment, instead emphasizing innovative products that promote increased seafood consumption.

Shelf-Stable Seafood Snacking

Leveraging Acme’s brand recognition in the value-added, specialty seafood segment, Acme’s Chief New Business Ventures OEicer Gabriel Viteri sees a significant opportunity to enter the shelf-stable seafood snacking market. This expansion will not only propel new products in this category but also enhance Acme's brand visibility.

Pet Food and Ingredient Value-Adding

With extensive access to high-quality raw materials, Acme is exploring opportunities to develop premium ingredients and products for the pet food market. This initiative will capitalize on the company's commitment to quality, offering nutritious and appealing options for pets.

Acme Smoked Fish Corporation is currently in the research phase, evaluating mergers and acquisitions (M&A) as well as new business development strategies. This phase includes a thorough assessment of companies with strong teams, predictable and consistent cash flows with gross margins greater than 40%, and exceptional products that align with Acme's main expansion criteria. Other criteria where synergies exist will also be considered.

“We are excited about the potential to broaden our horizons and bring innovative, high-quality products to new segments,” said Gabriel Viteri. “Our goal is to seek out strategic opportunities where we can apply our expertise and brand strength to deliver value to our customers and stakeholders.”

For more information about Acme Smoked Fish Corporation and its investment initiatives, please contact:

Gabriel Viteri
Chief New Business Ventures OEicer
Acme Smoked Fish Corp.
Ph: 718-383-8585
E-mail: [email protected]

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