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Masonways Introduces additional Mixed Recyclables Bins Options

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Masonways Indestructible Plastics, a display and merchandising company has extended their current product line of Mixed Recyclables Bins and Islands due to an increase in demand for more options. New labeling kits accommodate specific separation requirements for clear content disposal and identification. Color coding is aiding retailers and municipalities to meet recycling regulations to avoid fines. Consumer awareness to recycle more has increased the need for additional bins and opportunities for individuals to recycle their personal waste at retail sites. Bins and Islands allow for the collection and sorting of disposables such as plastic utensils, plates and other disposables which can be recycled avoiding our landfills. Recycling bins can be stationed indoors or outdoors, are durable and impervious to the environment. Units have innovative removable liners with built-in handles and a grab bag system that makes removing liners easier for maintenance.

With modified openings that fit custom recycling streams, units prevent cross contamination. Properly sort discarded materials to make recycling at landfills efficient for improved waste management. The hooded top is designed to prevent rain from entering bins. Optional advertising poster frames are available to increase sales through promotions. Weighted bases add stability. Optional locking casters are designed to add mobility.

Judd Ettinger, President of Masonways says, “The Mixed Recyclables and Trash Centers do not rust like metal bins, are  easy to maintain, and are clearly labeled so we can discard aluminum cans, plastic bottles, foam containers paper and other waste properly making sorting at landfills more efficient. The units allow people to recycle and conveniently dispose of trash which helps and benefits the environment saving our natural resources better than we have in the past.”

To learn more about the Mixed Recycling Centers and other MasonWays products visit

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