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Placon Continues to Focus on Sustainability with Solar Energy Partnership

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As an industry leader in sustainability, Placon continues to raise the bar and implement sustainable solutions throughout their facilities and products. Placon has collaborated with MG&E to purchase locally generated, carbon free solar energy from the O’Brien Solar Fields. This program is made possible through a renewable energy rider program with MG&E that will kick-off in early 2021 upon solar field construction being completed.  

The O’Brien Solar Fields will consist of 20 megawatts (MW) of locally generated solar energy and will be located at the corner of Lacy Road and South Seminole Highway in Fitchburg, WI. The solar filed will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 6,300 households. The solar field is expected to cover approximately 160 acres, consisting of 66,000 solar panels and costs approximately thirty-two million dollars.

MG&E will work with business customers, such as Placon who are looking to purchase renewable energy to determine the appropriate amount of energy for that customer. Being able to collaborate with others in the community to construct a single solar array is much less expensive than each business or entity building smaller fields for themselves. MG&E is able to utilize the federal 30% investment tax credit, whereas most businesses are unable to do so.

“Being one of the first customers to hop on board with MG&E and convert some of our energy to the O’Brien Solar Fields is very exciting. As we continuously look to improve and reduce our carbon footprint, programs like this fully promote our company mission and a cleaner community for us to live in. We are proud to be a sustainability leader within the local Madison, WI community and packaging industry,” said Jim Hart, Placon Engineering Manager.

For more information, call us at 800.541.1535 or visit

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