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siffron and MTI Partner to Accelerate the Retail Industry’s Digital Transformation to Smart Retail

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siffron® and MTI (Mobile Tech, Inc.) announced they are leveraging their combined 100 years of retail industry experience and product portfolios to bring retail innovation and intelligent solutions to their customers. This partnership will enhance each brand’s business with integrated products and a full suite of solutions to improve the customer experience.

The siffron and MTI partnership combine intelligent security hardware with cloud-based software to create realtime visibility into merchandised product performance. These solutions empower employees to service customers while reducing product shrinkage. 

“siffron is laser-focused on innovation and providing total retail solutions,” states Brent Ewing, siffron VP of Product Development and Strategic Partnerships. “This partnership with MTI will provide retailers with smart solutions that provide the insights and tools they need to grow their businesses.”

“MTI’s partnership with siffron creates a richer experience for retailers and their customers by drawing upon our collective deep retail expertise and complementary products and services,” said Mary Jesse, Chief Executive Officer, MTI. “Our teams are completely aligned and enthusiastic about the opportunities we have to delight our customers together.”

Retailers are rapidly evolving their business models as the industry adapts to new norms. Digital transformation is needed to create a Smart Retail ecosystem that drives growth and delivers an integrated, omnichannel customer experience. The siffron and MTI partnership's innovation will provide an unmatched resource for retailers to achieve these goals.

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