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Survive and Thrive in Retail with Health and Safety Equipment from MasonWays

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Consumers are concerned when it comes to safety protocols. Assure your customers through signage that proper sanitary procedures are being performed daily. Shoppers are looking for food safety and hygiene. New standards such as curbside or instore pickup (BOPIS - Buy Online - Pickup Instore) require information to be clearly understood by your customers prior to entering. Indoor and Outdoor Signs inform and request customers to adhere to procedures. Demonstrate that your team takes precautions and create goodwill.

Implementing a cleaning protocol to sanitize stores daily has become paramount to succeed. MasonWays Locked Sanitizing Storage Cabinet is a centralized place to store products and equipment. Staff knows where products are located to start their efforts to disinfect properly. No more wasted time trying to locate supplies in back room storage areas. Labeling cabinets informs your customers that procedures are in place to keep them safe. They will appreciate your due diligence by coming back. Keep counter tops, surfaces, store interiors, fuel islands, checkout counters and shelves maintained to prevent the spread of germs. For more information  800-837-2881  [email protected]

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