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Tosca Removes 1MM Tons of Corrugated from Perishable Supply Chains

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Atlanta-based Tosca, an innovator in reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, has announced a tremendous milestone: As of today, Tosca has officially diverted 1 million metric tons of corrugated cardboard from entering the perishables supply chain. 

Starting in 1998, Tosca began shipping perishables in reusable plastic containers (RPCs) and since then has made a commitment to revolutionize supply chains with more sustainable and cost-effective reusable packaging solutions. 

Because soiled and wet corrugated cardboard is not recyclable, a large amount of corrugated used for perishables ends up in landfills. For every RPC used, approximately 1.0 - 1.5 pounds of corrugated is prevented from entering the supply chain. This means a single RPC can divert hundreds of pounds of corrugated cardboard in its lifetime before being recycled and turned into a new RPC. Every pound of corrugated cardboard diverted from the supply chain is a win for sustainability. 

“By working with our valued partners, some of the largest retailers across the country, we’re able to cut costs and optimize supply chains while helping companies reach their sustainability goals,” says Jon Kalin, Tosca’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Without our partners, positive environmental impacts like this would not be possible.” 

Through the use of proprietary tools, Tosca is able to the calculate the sustainability benefits of a packaging change to RPCs. The modeling system compares the changes in GHG emissions, fossil fuel use, water use, human impact and more between one-way corrugated cardboard packaging and Tosca’s Reusable Plastic Containers. Kalin says, “We can easily provide companies with a sustainability impact report that will give them a holistic understanding of the environmental improvements it can make when switching to Tosca’s reusable containers.”

From food suppliers to grocery retailers and every step in between, a Tosca RPC provides large scale environmental benefits by eliminating the immense amounts of corrugated used within the perishable industry. 

Tosca’s commitment to revolutionizing supply chains does not stop at any specific amount of corrugated eliminated. The company envisions a future free of harmful one-way packaging and looks forward to helping create it. 

To learn more about Tosca’s efforts towards creating sustainable supply chains, click here.

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