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Filling the needs of shoppers on a mission to save the world

Sustainable products are a win-win for retailers, customers —and Earth

Eco-friendly products come in all shapes and sizes in 2020. It’s an umbrella term for a number of movements and trends that include carbon labeling, zero waste and regenerative farming/agriculture.

A study from Forager in January 2020 showed that consumers are increasingly looking for foods that reduce their carbon footprint when shopping in the supermarket. The report found that 29% of consumers want to eat food with a lower carbon footprint.  

The “eco-friendliest” layer is zero waste, a movement to close the loop in production. For instance, some of the products featured this month do that by capturing the runoff water from farming to water the plants and the excess pulp as nutrients in the soil, therefore producing no waste.

Here are some of the eco-friendly products to appeal to your eco-friendly customers.

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