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Kroger, Target announce updates on seafood sustainability

Kroger, Target announce updates on seafood sustainability

Kroger Co. and Target released sustainability updates this month that highlight steps to improve seafood sourcing.

As part of new sustainability goals for 2020, Kroger plans to source all its wild-caught seafood from fisheries that are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, in MSC full assessment, in comprehensive Fishery Improvement Projects, or certified by other Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative‐recognized programs. Moreover, the retailer aims to source 90% of its wild-caught fish from MSC-certified fisheries. Kroger currently sources 83% of its wild-caught seafood using these criteria, and 59% comes from MSC-certified fisheries.

For farmed fish, Kroger aims to source products that have been certified by the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) program. Farmed fish that are corporately procured will meet BAP 4-Star certification by 2020.

Kroger also said it would continue to source 100% of shelf-stable tuna from International Seafood Sustainability Foundation-participating companies.


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The 2020 goals expand on Kroger’s previous commitments to seafood sustainability. As detailed in the company’s 2015 sustainability report, the retailer had sourced 86% of the top 20 wild-caught species from fisheries that were MSC-certified, in full assessment or in Fishery Improvement Projects. It sourced 100% of corporate branded farmed seafood at BAP level 2, and 100% of corporate branded canned tuna from ISSF-participating companies.

Separately, Target released its 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. The retailer announced 97% of all its fresh and frozen seafood, and 100% of its Target-brand products, is sustainable, traceable or in a time-bound improvement process. Target had aimed to have 100% of seafood meet these criteria by 2015; it will work to achieve that goal moving forward.

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