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LED Lights Cutting Costs for Canadian Retailer

KITCHENER, Ontario — M&M Meat Shops, a specialty retailer here, has selected LED refrigerated display lighting for reach-in cases for its 430 franchise locations across Canada.

The energy-efficient ImmersionRV40 LED retail lighting systems, from GE Lighting, East Cleveland, Ohio, will save M&M Meat Shops about $600,000 in lighting costs annually once installations are complete, according to GE Lighting. To date, 150 M&M Meat Shops locations have switched to the LED technology.

“With its 5000-degree Kelvin [8,540-degrees Fahrenheit] temperature, GE’s new LED system creates beautiful, bright, white light,” said Dianne Chalmers, senior manager of construction at M&M Meat Shops, in a statement. “It brings out the crispness of our signature white boxes, making them really pop in the vertical cases and impact the visual appeal of the entire store.”

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Franchises are replacing T10 fluorescent lights with the Immersion RV40 LED lighting systems. At a 10-cents-per-kilowatthour rate and 12 hours of operation per day, the average M&M Meat Shops location will save about $870 a year in lighting energy costs, said GE Lighting, adding that the LED lights will eliminate the maintenance cost of replacement ballasts and high-output fluorescent lamps — an approximate $525 savings per store.

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