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Lisa de Lima

Lisa de Lima puts her passions to work at MOM's

Lisa de Lima, vice president of grocery at MOM’s Organic Market, was drawn to natural retailing as a way to influence people to vote with their food dollars and make a positive impact on the environment. So it’s no surprise that sustainability influences her role today, not just at MOM’s but also as a leader in the natural food industry.

Here are three ways she’s making a difference.

In store. De Lima has spearheaded and overseen the implementation of various progressive environmental initiatives at MOM’s, including the Sustainable Seafood Program, in which the retailer became the first in the country to stock only sustainable seafood, and “Plastic Surgery,” a comprehensive campaign to eliminate the sale of bottled water and unnecessary plastic waste throughout all MOM’s stores. Recently, de Lima introduced a sustainable insect protein set in the stores, which is intended to help customers choose eco-friendly proteins.

In the industry. De Lima is currently serving a five-year term in the retailer seat on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). In this role, she advises the Secretary of Agriculture and the National Organic Program on what substances should be allowed or prohibited in organic agriculture, and recommends standards, policies and guidance to help shape the organic regulations and certification process.

In her community. De Lima is a student and teacher of Tai Chi and a regular meditator, and works to bring mindfulness to MOM’s and beyond. For the past year, the store’s central office has been hosting mindfulness learning and practice sessions. And, in spring 2018, it hosted its first Leading a Mindful Life retreat for a group of MOM’s managers. This two-night retreat exposed participants to a variety of contemplative practices as well as a chance to build upon their existing mindfulness practice, “with the intent to not only grow personally but to also work together to find ways to move forward our effort to develop a mindful community at MOM’s,” de Lima says.

This piece originally appeared on New Hope Network, a Supermarket News sister website.

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