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6 cool tech things we saw at Groceryshop

Check out the tech on display at this year’s Groceryshop in Las Vegas

Technology, particularly generative AI, was all around at Groceryshop 2023 in Las Vegas. Other highlights included a driverless delivery car and a smart cart. 

The following vendors and products are highlighted:

  • Amazon’s Dash Cart: Amazon’s Dash Cart’s screen displays images of fresh items nearby and has the ability to determine where it is on the store floor
  • Shopper AI: Shopper AI’s technology transforms data from security cameras to insights about in-store shopper behavior
  • Cruise: A driverless delivery car from Cruise, which is manufactured by General Motors
  • Linea Pro: Linea Pro offers barcode scanning, point-of-sale and mobile printing technology
  • Fetch: Fetch helps brands harness verified insights from item-level receipts
  • Exotic: Exotic’s warehouse robotics are autonomous mobile robots that transport goods in storage bins or trays between racks and stations.

Click through the slides to see the tech.

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