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GS1 US outlines roles in key initiatives

GS1 US outlines roles in key initiatives

GS1 US is an important player in collaboration through its work to support industry initiatives and its efforts to aid the adoption and usage of GS1 standards.

Bob Carpenter, GS1 US
Bob Carpenter, GS1 US
Bob Carpenter, president and CEO, recently outlined for SN details of his organization’s role in initiatives such as Rapid Recall Exchange, data accuracy and next-generation product identifier. Here are excerpts from his comments:

Recall management, data accuracy and enhanced product identification are topics that continue to be top of mind for the industry communities and discussions that GS1 US facilitates. As a neutral organization, the value of GS1 US is in bringing industry communities together to solve supply chain and business process challenges through the adoption and usage of GS1 Standards.


RRE, developed by the Food Marketing Institute and GS1 US, combines industry expertise with best practices for fast, accurate and secure recall notifications.

To limit the scope of a food recall, GS1 US collaborates with industry, trade associations, government agencies, academia and through various industry groups to spread the knowledge about the theoretical and practical implications of traceability related to food safety. Case-level traceability with unique product identification such as a GS1 Global Trade Item Number and Batch/Lot numbers for produce, for example, can limit the scope of recall to just the affected product, not an entire day’s or week’s production.

GS1 US has worked since the inception of RRE in 2009 to implement mock recalls and business process certifications to make sure companies are “RRE Ready” if a recall should occur.


GS1 US is responding to the demand for better quality data through a series of educational programs and a newly formed Data Quality Discussion Group. Combining key stakeholders across multiple industries, the Discussion Group is designed to help brand owners identify the root causes of data inaccuracies as well as establish best practices for developing and maintaining a comprehensive data quality program. With more than 200 members, the Data Quality Discussion Group has grown at a steady rate, prompting GS1 US to appoint a Data Quality Leadership Team for the industry. The newly elected Leadership Team represents multiple industries including Apparel/General Merchandise, Grocery/Fresh Foods, Foodservice and Healthcare, and includes leaders of major corporations across those industries.



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Product identification in the food industry continues to be top priority for GS1 US. One example is our focus on driving adoption and usage of the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), a central, industry standardized database through which manufacturers publish the most up-to-date product information that distributors, wholesalers, retailers, operators and other subscribers can access — through GS1-certified data pools.

GDSN has far-reaching benefits for all supply chain partners. Manufacturers are able to take all the information they have for one product and load it into one place — the GDSN — which sends that information to all of its customers at once.

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