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Hannaford Launches Mobile Website

SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Hannaford Supermarkets here, which operates 179 stores in the Northeast, announced the launch of what it called “one of the most comprehensive mobile websites offered by a major supermarket in this country.”

The website automatically loads on smartphones when a user goes to, without the need to download an app. Once there, users can view all products available at their local Hannaford store, sort items by price, make grocery lists, access nutritional information, browse coupons or recipes, and purchase gift cards. As they shop, consumers can check off items from their on-screen list, which is organized by department.

“Our goal is to make it easy for customers to plan their shopping and access information, in this case from the palms of their hands,” said Mark Bradeen, manager of promotions and online loyalty for Hannaford, in a statement.  “The mobile website is specifically optimized for smartphones.  It is effortless to navigate and fun to use.”

The mobile website is fully integrated with, so that items added from home will appear on the mobile shopping list with a refresh, Bradeen added. “Users experience a seamless transition from one location to the next.”

More than four out of 10 mobile phone users now have smartphones, compared to fewer than two in 10 two years earlier, Hannaford said, adding that surveys suggest half of all people with smartphones frequently use them while shopping.

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