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Loblaw’s No Name Mobile network will rival PC Mobile

Some plans are cheaper, while others offer more gigabytes

Loblaw Cos. Ltd. is launching its No Name Mobile network, reports The Canadian Press

The discount cell phone plans, which include prepaid mobile sim cards for purchase, will be offered at the Candian grocer’s No Frills stores in a few weeks. 

Powered by PC Mobile, the No Name network will only offer 4G data speeds and will resemble PC Mobile’s plans in terms of cost in some areas. However, the No Name plans each come with five more gigabytes of monthly data — 25 GBs for $29/month, 55 GBs for $34, 80 GBs for $40, and 105 GBs for $50. 

Subscribers can receive an extra five-gigabyte bonus by signing up to top up their accounts each month automatically. 

No Name also offers two less expensive plans than PC Mobile — 1 GB for $19 a month and five GBs for $24 a month.

All platforms come with unlimited calling in Canada and to the U.S., domestic and international texting, call display, three-way calling, voice mail, call waiting, and call forwarding.

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