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Podcast: Grocery is hard. AI and ChatGPT can help.

Instacart has jumped on board. And grocers are following suit. AI technology (and ChatGPT) isn’t going anywhere anytime soon


It’s a hot time for the bots, digital and otherwise. In March, Instacart announced it would be adding OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot technology to its app, jumping on the bandwagon of many companies doing the same. Salt Lake City-based Associated Food Stores is now bringing AI robots into its distribution center, and SpartanNash is expanding the use of its autonomous inventory robot ‘Tally.’

ChatGPT and AI tech is almost everywhere you look in grocery. And the technologies aren’t cooling down anytime soon. 

In today's TechWire edition of our SN Off the Shelf podcast, Supermarket News editor Chloe Riley spoke with Prashant Agrawal, CEO of the AI solution company Impact Analytics, to talk about the importance of AI (and the emerging importance of ChatGPT) in grocery.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How grocers be thinking about ChatGPT and how they can be regularly putting it to use
  • Some of the pain points AI can help retailers solve
  • How AI can help with inventory management
  • AI and pricing — What assumptions grocers are making about their pricing and how AI aids with pricing strategies
  • Whether AI is an available solution for independent grocers
  • How we’re going to see the AI trend continue in 2023

Take a listen.


Have a pitch for the podcast? Contact the SN team at [email protected]. Thanks for listening.

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