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Save_Mart_storefront-closeup_1.jpg Save Mart
The broadening of Save Mart's digital footprint is made possible by an expanded strategic partnership with Swiftly

Save Mart jumps on the retail media bandwagon

The California-based grocer is broadening its digital footprint

The Save Mart Companies, a Calif.-based grocer that operates approximately 200 stores under the banners of Save Mart, Lucky, and FoodMaxx in California and Western Nevada, has announced the launch of its retail media network. 

The retail media network was created in partnership with Swiftly, a retail technology company.

The new website features include: 

  • Coupon clipping
  • Retail media placements
  • Loyalty/rewards experience
  • Product browsing
  • Weekly ads
  • Sign-in and store locator
  • App carousel
  • Run of site
  • Run of category

SN asked Save Mart Companies’ Tamara Pattison, senior vice president and chief digital officer: Were there any best practices learned for grocers looking to get into retail media themselves?

“Don’t overthink it because chances are you will be wrong, Pattison said. “Getting something out fast for shoppers to react to allows us to learn ‘what we don’t know’ while minimizing financial investment and getting to market quickly. With every launch we learn something that we would never have figured out in a conference room.”  

“We’re watching lots of industries, not just grocery or retail to find new ways to connect,” Pattison added. “We love to steal great ideas and turn them on their heads for shoppers.”

Why should grocers invest in a retail media network now? Many consumers rely on coupons, rewards, and loyalty programs to help offset the higher costs due to inflation and economic challenges — and depending on their demographics, shoppers are using both digital and physical channels to get their groceries, which means retailers need to present a unified experience to thrive. 

Save Mart Companies’ new retail media network is an extension of the company’s already-in-play iOS and Android mobile apps. The retail media network launch will provide advertisers and brands with the ability to effectively target more Save Mart, Lucky, and FoodMaxx consumers. The end goal is to provide shoppers with the value, personalization, and omnichannel experience they are looking for — ultimately driving more sales and bigger baskets.

Other recent retail media network launches in grocery include Sprouts, powered by Instacart, Woodman’s Markets, powered by Brandcrush, and even Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA) with digital circular firm Ideal by Design House. Grocers are continuing to add more tech to their toolkits to keep up with the competition.

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