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SN Poll results: Do you plan to test ChatGPT in 2023?

Check out the results of this week’s poll

Instacart just announced that it will be adding the chatbot AI technology ChatGPT to its app later this year, and a new survey also suggests that a majority of grocers also plan to test a ChatGPT solution in 2023.

We asked: So, are you planning on taking ChatGPT for a spin this year?
And you answered:

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A recent study indicates that a majority of grocers are planning to test an AI or ChatGPT-related tech in 2023. Our poll reflects that, but also, there’s a whole bunch of you that don’t see ChatGPT as potentially helpful and don’t plan to test it out this year. Naysayers: what sayeth you? Why no ChatGPT?
Have another thought? Weigh in on our LinkedIn poll here, or email your thoughts to SN Executive Editor Chloe Riley at [email protected]

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